by Amy on August 11, 2014

Celebrating a 10th Birthday

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Delaney recently celebrated a big milestone – she’s officially in the double-digits now! 10 seems so old to me – really, where does the time go? But, for my girls at least, this age is a lovely bridge between young child and teen.

Delaney was so excited about her upcoming birthday, that I wanted to build on that wonderful anticipation she was feeling. Ten days before her birthday, I wrote a special countdown message on the bathroom mirror. She loved it! When she found another message inside the refrigerator the following day, she realized there would be a special countdown note to find every day.

The countdown notes were so simple, cost nothing, and made her so happy each day. Simple fun for the win!

The morning of her birthday, we enjoyed a pancake, strawberry, and whipped cream breakfast. I surprised her with pancakes shaped like the number 10. (Never mind that it took me a few attempts to make a 1 that didn’t look crazy.)

She also chose a special dinner (steak and twice-baked potatoes), followed by an ice cream cake with the extended family.

Instead of a party this year, Delaney planned a full day of fun out and about for our whole family, plus my niece. The itinerary included the zoo, a picnic at the park, a bit of shopping, and dinner out. I decorated the inside of the car with streamers and garlands, and put together party favor bags for the girls. I even printed out our itinerary and clipped it to the bags. The decorations inside the car were a huge, huge hit. We’ll definitely be doing that again!

Decorated birthday car

I bought a pack of silly cardboard glasses with mustaches (party favor section at Target) and made the girls wear them for photos throughout the day. Delaney was pretty much beaming all day, so I think it was the perfect way to celebrate her big 1-0. She chose a Playmobil set, a new book (Bad Unicorn), and some treats from the candy store during our shopping time.

It is such a treat watching Delaney’s personality shine through. She jumped into acting classes this past year, which is a far cry from the leg-clinging preschooler I once had. I’ve got much more to say about giving our kids the time and trust they need, so I’ll save that for another post. :-) I’m looking forward to watching her continue to grow as a performer this year!

She is a voracious reader with a generous spirit. She loves playing games, swimming, pigs and horses, and all things Harry Potter. My sweet Delaney – enjoy being 10!

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