Ice Treasures

by Amy on May 21, 2008

ice treasures

The weather is already heating up and I’ve started dipping into my summer bag of tricks. This last weekend, we hunted for treasures frozen in ice.

Natalie had specifically requested diamonds and shells. We ended up using some glass marbles from the craft store, including some clear “diamonds” and a variety of shells too.

I like to freeze my ice block in layers, so there are treasures hidden throughout. I ended up with three layers in this one.

We used a variety of treasure-excavating tools: salt, spray bottles with water, droppers + warm water, and toothbrushes. The girls easily worked away at this for 45 minutes, till every last treasure was collected.

Other fun treasures to freeze: coins, plastic animals, polished rocks

You can also freeze individual treasures in ice cubes for quicker treasure-hunting adventures.

Using colored water in the spray bottles is fun too!

I know we will be doing this activity many times this summer!

Happy playing!

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