New Placemats

by Amy on July 9, 2008

Well, we have been trapped in the house today – incredible heat and terrible smoke. It actually looks foggy outside from the low smoke. Gross! One of the things that we did to keep busy was to make some new placemats for the girls.

They drew on some pieces of muslin with fabric markers:



Then, there was much fun to be had rummaging through my tub of fabric and choosing just the right prints. Delaney went with reds and Natalie chose greens, but only because I did not have enough turquoise fabrics! The girls manned the sewing machine pedal, too.

Natalie’s tribute to the squirrel that frequents our bird feeder:


And Delaney’s abstract art, plus her first time writing all the letters of her name!


I guess I better think of a dinner worthy of these super-cute placemats. Don’t you think these would make great gifts, too?

Happy playing today and stay cool!

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