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by Amy on October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Party | Let's Explore

Natalie has an October birthday, and last year she wanted a Pumpkin Party.  It was such a fun party, and so simple to put together, too!

Here’s a few highlights – maybe you can get some ideas to use at your own Halloween parties this year:

The pumpkin with flowers (pictured at top) was one of the decorations — I loved it!  I am pretty sure I got this from Martha. :)  Just drill holes all over the pumpkin and insert flowers.

I like to set up stations at birthday parties, so the kids have lots to keep them busy.  One of the stations was mini pumpkin decorating.  I put out paint, glitter glue, shaker bottles of glitter, sequins, and some yarn & ribbon.  This is also a fun way for little ones to keep busy during pumpkin carving.

Pumpkin painting party station


Another station was making a beaded pumpkin.  I had the pipe cleaners already prepped — folded in half with a loop for the stem.  The kids filled both “legs” with beads, leaving just a little pipe cleaner at the bottom.  Then an adult helped them twist the two ends together and tuck them inside the beads.  Then, they could shape them into a perfect pumpkin!



Instead of doing a pinata (Natalie doesn’t like the pressure!), we made everyone their own mini pumpkin pinatas to rip open.  I used orange crepe paper from a party store and green florist tape.  Start with a square of crepe paper — I think I doubled up and used two sheets.  Put a few pieces of candy in the center, gather and twist the top, and wrap florist tape around for the stem.  We passed these out and let the kids rip them open on the count of 3 to get their treats.  Fun!


Dessert was mini pumpkin pies and mini pumpkin muffins with frosting. Yum!

Pumpkin birthday treats

Happy playing and partying!

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