Make Your Own Mini Clipboards

by Amy on March 25, 2009


We love using clipboards around here. We have quite a few regular-sized ones, but sometimes it’s nice to have something small to tuck into a bag for a nature hike or car ride. You can buy small clipboards at most office supply stores, but we like making our own using recycled cardboard and binder clips.


  • cardboard, cut to size – cereal boxes, backs of notepads, shoe boxes, etc.
  • binder clips
  • decorative paper (optional) – scrapbooking paper, pieces of your child’s artwork, etc.
  • clear contact paper (optional)



  1. If your cardboard is thin, you might want to attach two pieces together. You could glue them together, weight it down and let it dry or use sturdy double-stick tape or glue dots.
  2. Decorate your clipboard or leave it plain! Let your kids be creative! We used glue dots for attaching the paper and artwork, since I didn’t want to wait for glue to dry.
  3. For extra protection and sturdiness, cover the clipboard with clear contact paper. If you do this, you can use dry erase markers right on the contact paper for extra fun!
  4. Attach some paper with a binder clip and you’re done!


Tomorrow I’ll share some of the ways we use our clipboards while we play! Have fun!


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