Mother’s Day Cards – Making Prints

by Amy on May 4, 2009

Natalie and I had fun printing some simple and sweet Mother’s Day cards for all the grandmas and aunts. (I’m hoping she saves one for me, too!)


These were so easy and actually quite addicting. I’d like to sit down and make a whole stack myself! Here are the steps:


1. Make a frame using masking tape (or labels like me, if you are out of masking tape!). Make this an appropriate size for the cards you are printing. You could do this on a placemat, cookie sheet, or anything else you can wipe paint off of.

2. Paint a smooth layer of paint inside your frame. Foam brushes work great. We used basic washable tempera paint, some with glitter added.

3. Draw a simple design with a Q-tip – Natalie tried hearts, flowers, trees, and birds. Before making our prints, I wiped around the taped-off edge with a paper towel for a clean edge look.

4. Place your card face down and gently rub to make a good print. A grown-up’s hand is helpful to keep the card from slipping around.

Pulling up the card and checking out your print is the best — it never gets old! Wipe-off any leftover paint and start again.

Great for Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, any occasion really! Bigger prints would look awesome framed on the wall, too….so many ideas!

Happy Print-making!


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