Summer Journals

by Amy on June 26, 2009

summer journals

Are your kiddos journaling this summer?  I am a huge proponent of writing – I think it is a crucial component of becoming a “good reader.”  My girls love to write in journals and notebooks.  It is so neat to watch them go from scribbles to more detailed pictures to scribble-writing to sentences!  My six-year-old is writing full stories, poems, and lists of animal facts.  My almost-five-year-old is doing mostly drawing and dictating her words to me.  Although she likes to write the beginning sounds for words, too.

A fresh journal is always inspiring, so the girls found summer journals at the table one morning this week.

I wrote them each a special note on the first page, and set out some stickers, crayons, and pencils.  I found these primary journals (Mead brand) at Target.  Of course, any journal or notebook would be great!  Both girls were quite excited and got right to work drawing and writing.  (Yes, my girls are dressed up like a ballerina and a rainbow fairy first thing in the morning!)


When the newness wears off, here are some tips for maintaining interest in the journals throughout the summer and beyond:

  • Set the journals out on the table with stickers, a stamp pad and stamps, or some paper shapes and a glue stick.  Instant inspiration!
  • Bring the journals in the car, on a nature walk, or to a restaurant.
  • Print a few photos of a recent summer activity – glue a photo in your journal and write about it!
  • Read a story, then write or draw about it.
  • Sit on the floor and listen to some fun music while you draw and write.
  • Make lists:  5 things that make you happy, 8 places you want to go, 4 favorite animals, 6 foods you like.
  • Cut out magazine pictures and make a collage.

I also told the girls that from time to time, I would write a note or story inside for them to read and enjoy.  They seemed very excited about that!

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Happy journaling!

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