Summer Repeats

by Amy on June 30, 2009

Hello there!  The last few days have been crazy hot here.  We’ve been heading outside first thing in the morning to take advantage of the cooler air, then holing up inside the house for the rest of the day.  Here’s a few fun summer activities from the archives to keep you (and us!) busy on hot afternoons:

Ice Treasures – These were the hit of the summer last year, and continue to be a favorite.  If you haven’t tried this with your kiddos yet, you must!  So simple and fun!


Lemonade Station – The girls remembered doing this last summer and asked for it again!


Preschool Olympics – Last summer, we had such fun creating our own Olympic games.  This post is filled with ideas for throwing and catching, great skills for preschoolers to practice!


Zoo Maps – Maps are still popular in our house!  After starting with zoo maps, we’ve made maps of amusement parks, farms, fairy lands, and more.  Both my girls love creating a huge map and then setting up little animals or characters all over it.


Collections – Summer is a great time for collecting!  We have some lovely nature collections started, and the rocks and buttons are still going strong!


Hope you are enjoying some playtime this summer!

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