Hink Pink Riddles

by Amy on August 20, 2009


My girls love a good riddle, especially when the answer rhymes – double giggles! A hink pink is simply that – a pair of single-syllable rhyming words that answers a riddle. Try these out on your kiddos:

  • What do you call a crying father?  sad dad
  • What do chickens write with? hen pen
  • What do you call a chubby kitty?  fat cat
  • What do you call a huge hog?  big pig
  • What does a boa constrictor like to drink?  snake shake
  • What do you call a large branch?  big twig
  • What do you call a fast choice?  quick pick

If your child can’t come up with the answer, give her the first word and see if she can complete the rhyme.

Can you think of your own hink pinks?

If you want to get really tricky, you can try hinky pinkies, where the rhyming answer is a pair of two-syllable words:

  • What do you call a clever detective?  super snooper
  • What do you call a rabbit who tells jokes?  funny bunny

Could you think of a hinkity pinkity with a 3-syllable rhyming answer?  It would be fun to try!

Playing with rhymes is a great way to build phonemic awareness – the knowledge of how spoken language works.  We’re going to make our own book of hink pinks – they are fun to illustrate!

Happy playing!

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