List Poems

by Amy on October 13, 2009

I love to read and write poems with my girls and they love it, too!  We have been trying out all different kinds of poetry forms, and for the most part, I take dictation while they compose their poetic masterpieces.  There is just something satisfying about putting a few simple words together and creating an awesome poem!  The first poems we wrote together were simple list poems – kids as young as three and four can have great success with this type of dictation!

Writing a List Poem

1.  Help your child choose something to write about – it could be a favorite color, an animal, a place, a person, a holiday, etc.  Whatever your child is interested in will work!

2.  Ask your child to tell you everything he can think of that tells about the topic.  If he gets stuck, ask a few questions like, “What does it look like?” or “What do you like about it?”  You will be taking dictation, writing down everything your child comes up with in list form – one idea per line.

3.  When your child says “Done!” or can’t think of anything else, read it back.

4.  Illustrate your poem and start your own poetry collection!

So simple!  Here are the girls’ list poems about Fall:



We recently found this great book of poems at our library – Falling Down the Page: A Book of List Poems.  It’s a great one that my girls thoroughly enjoyed.

Will you try writing a list poem with your child?  If you do, let me know – I’d love to come and read it with my girls! :)

Happy playing (with words)!

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