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by Amy on February 2, 2010

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My girls are actually at an age where they can be really helpful at the grocery store, but I have not forgotten the days of needing ample entertainment to make it through the store!† When I Spy is getting old, maybe one of these games will be a welcome addition on your next shopping trip.

Grocery Store Bingo is fun for little ones.† I like to put our bingo board in a sheet protector and bring along a dry-erase marker for marking off the things we see.† Make a board with your child’s favorite foods, or print ours for a ready-to-go activity.

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt takes a little bit of advanced prep, but it’s lots of fun!† Choose 10 or so items from your shopping list and write a clue for each one.† Make the clues appropriate for your child’s age – these can be read-aloud by you or an older sibling at the store, or provide great reading practice for a new reader.† Attach the clue sheet to a clipboard, grab a pencil, and your child is ready to not only solve clues, but help you shop as well.† My girls love doing this, and I am always happy I took an extra five-minutes to set it up.† Here are a few clues we’ve used as examples:

  • Itís a leaf we can eat and it starts with S.† We need a whole bag of it.† Choose organic if you can. (spinach)
  • Itís made from milk, but it is not a liquid.† You can slice it, grate it, or melt it. (cheese)
  • It is full of calcium for strong bones.† You can drink it morning, noon, or night. (milk)
  • Each of these comes in two pieces, a top and a bottom.† We like to put things in the middle for a yummy lunch or dinner. (hamburger buns)

One more tip – write your clues in the general order of how you go through the store to make it easy on yourself!

How do you keep your kids busy and happy in the grocery store?

Happy Playing!

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