Fun With Dot Markers

by Amy on March 16, 2010

We have not painted with dot markers (bingo markers) since the girls were probably three and four years old.  I remember them both loving them – bouncing the markers up and down to make dots, and sliding them around to make stripes and swirls. The dot markers aren’t terribly messy either, which is always nice for those days when you don’t feel like a big, messy production!

Do your kids like to play with these type of markers? I remember having the Do-A-Dot brand a while back, and some of the activity books they make. I recently bought a new set for us to play with – we tried the Tropical Chubbie Markers from Discount School Supply.

The three of us girls had a great time playing and experimenting with the dot markers!  We tried some crayon resist with a white crayon:

Natalie and I also had a really fun time using the ideas in Ed Emberley’s Great Thumbprint Drawing Book to make little animals out of our dots. We carefully positioned our dots, waited a couple minutes for the paint to dry, then added details with a black marker. (Flair felt tip pens are the black drawing pen of choice in our house right now…)

I was happy to discover that my girls are not too old to enjoy creating with dot markers – and neither am I!

Here are a few fun resources, in case you feel the need to make dots!

I’m sure some of you have done some neat things with dot/bingo markers – please share!

Happy Playing!

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