Magnet Painting Activity

by Amy on March 4, 2010

Yesterday, the girls had fun with magnet painting. This is something they both remember doing at preschool and were excited to experiment with it again!  You will need:

I think you can see the basic set-up in the picture below.  You want your box to be propped up slightly – we used a little bit of masking tape to secure our box to some blocks.  Put some washable paint in a bowl, plop in a magnetic marble and stir it around.  When you are ready to paint, the marble goes in the box on top of your paper, and you use the magnet wand under the box to make it move all around.

For the best marble control, make sure you keep the magnet wand against the bottom of the box.  Keep adding new magnetic marbles covered in paint to complete your masterpiece!

You can try this magnet painting variation too: Squirt some paint onto your paper.  Put a clean magnetic marble into the box and use your magnet wand to swirl all the colors together.  Delaney tried this with two marbles, which was really neat, too!

Magnet painting is all about the process.  The finished products are not necessarily anything special, but the girls love them just the same!

How do you like to play with magnets?

Please remember to supervise your little ones with the magnetic marbles!


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Large Magnetic Marbles


Magnetic Wand

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