Soda Bottle Lung Model

by Amy on March 5, 2010

soda bottle lung model experiment

I can’t believe it’s Friday already and I haven’t been in this space all week! It’s been one of those weeks where no one (especially me!) has been feeling motivated to do much of anything… although, the girls have been doing some extensive fairy pretend play!

We have been enjoying some hands-on activities to explore the human body. I bought a Magic School Bus science kit, Journey into the Human Body, and we have also been using a book from the library, Play and Find Out About the Human Body.

Earlier this week, we used a plastic 2-liter bottle, a balloon, and a sheet of plastic to make a model of the lung.

The balloon represents the lung and the plastic sheet across the bottom of the bottle represents the diaphragm muscle. As you pull the tab down, you contract the diaphragm and inflate the lung. As you push the tab back up, the diaphragm relaxes and the lung deflates.

It is a subtle inflate/deflate with the balloon, but the girls were able to see the basic idea of how the diaphragm and lungs work. (This was one of the experiments outlined in our science kit, but I also found online instructions here.)

We’re also planning to test our lung capacity and compare kid lungs to adult lungs.

I am hoping for a sunny weekend and some fresh air to get rid of the blahs around here. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

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