Balloon Swat

by Amy on April 20, 2010

I like to keep a few bags of balloons around the house — they are usually great boredom-busters!

This weekend, I gave the girls new butterfly-shaped flyswatters and balloons. There was swatting, putting, bouncing, balancing, chasing and all kinds of busy, active play!

Balancing the balloon on the flyswatter was super tricky!

There was lots of friendly competition to see who could bounce the balloon the most times.

Golf-style balloon putting with a flyswatter “club” was fun, too! We also set-up a laundry basket goal.

The girls also tried batting the balloon back and forth a few times – not easy, but there was lots of giggling!

We’ve got more balloon activities coming your way this week.  What do you like to do with balloons?

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