Family Mail

by Amy on April 16, 2010

{Originally posted November 2009 at Early Bird Homeschool}

I like to provide my girls with lots of “real-life” writing opportunities – helping with the grocery list, writing letters, making signs, etc.  They draw pictures, scribble-write, use invented/phonetic spelling, or copy words from a variety of sources.  I have been wanting to set-up a family mail center for a long time and we finally did it!

I think I have had all kinds of elaborate ideas in my mind, but I decided to go super-simple and use some white mailing envelopes we had on hand.  I cut off the flap and cut a semi-circle on the front half for easy mail delivery and retrieval.  I pulled them out one evening after dinner and we all sat and decorated our own envelope – the girls loved this part!  We should definitely be doing more family art projects.  I taped them up, set out a stack of paper, and we were all set!

We have been enjoying all kinds of letter-writing and reading.  Daddy can write notes if he leaves for work before the girls are awake.  He likes to give them riddles, codes or math problems to solve.  I can leave a note telling about something fun we will be doing.  The girls write lots of lovey notes, plus requests for playing games, making a special treat, or going to the park.  So, the girls are getting practice with writing and reading — plus, who doesn’t love getting mail?

This week I am going to set-out a stack of notes with the words, I am thankful for you because…., printed across the top.  I can’t wait to tuck some of these notes into their pockets and read the ones they write for me!

Why did I wait so long to set this up? :)

April 2010 Update: Our family mail envelopes are still going strong! Some of the girls’ favorite kinds of mail to receive are:

  • a piece of a board/card game as an invitation to play (one Uno card, for example)
  • secret codes to solve or rebus-type messages
  • “You made me smile!” notes
  • Pictures from Daddy – he draws great pictures of characters they love (Smurfs!)

Do you have a mail center at your house?

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