Glow Stick Experiment

by Amy on May 19, 2010

Glow Stick Experiment for Kids

I found a few glow sticks rattling around one of our kitchen drawers – leftover from party goody bags, maybe? Anyway, I spent a little time surfing the ‘net for interesting things to do with glow sticks and came across a fun (and simple!) demonstration at Steve Spangler Science.

The basic idea of the experiment is to see how warm water and ice water affect the brightness of a glow stick. We kept one at room temperature for comparison, too. I wasn’t sure how dramatic the results would be, but it turned out to be really neat!

glow stick experiment for kids

I gave the girls a simple recording sheet to fill in during our glow stick experiment. We used our big scientific words to make a hypothesis, draw and write observations, and report the results.

glow stick experiment for kids

For more experiment specifics, as well as an explanation of the scientific processes at work, check out the full details at Steve Spangler Science.

Happy experimenting!

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