Science Play: Simple Experiments

by Amy on May 14, 2010

{Color Changing Milk – Steve Spangler Science}

We always seem to have a lot of science play going on – experimenting, making concoctions, building inventions, exploring outside, etc.  In addition, our homeschooling studies this year included learning about the basics of the scientific method – asking a question, making a hypothesis, experimenting, observing, and discussing our results.

The scientific process part, I have found, comes quite naturally to kids – they are always asking questions and trying things out! I just pair the scientific words with the things they are already doing.

I’m always on the look-out for simple, safe demonstrations and experiments that don’t require a lot of extra materials or ingredients. I love being able to pull together something interesting without a lot of prep.

Some of the places I get ideas for science play are:

Many of the demonstrations and experiments on these sites are appropriate for preschoolers and up – with help from a willing grown-up, of course!

How can you incorporate more science play into your child’s playtime?

  • Keep some basic materials on hand for easy-prep science projects: salt, baking soda, vinegar, cornstarch, food coloring, oil, borax, balloons, etc.
  • Have a Family Science Night – just like a Movie Night or Game Night, spend an evening doing experiments together!
  • Set-up an experiment at night so you can grab-and-go the next day when the mood strikes.
  • Remember that science play is all about experimenting and discovering – prepare for mess and go for it!

What does science play look like in your house or classroom?  Do you have a great science resource for young kids?  If so, please share!

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