Goldilocks & The Three Bears Party Invitations

by Amy on September 24, 2010

We are getting ready for Natalie’s 8th birthday, even though I am in denial that she is turning 8 already. How is that possible?

Anyway, she decided to have a Goldilocks & the Three Bears party. She has always loved this story and has been collecting various picture book versions to display in her room. (This is her current favorite.) We’ll be having a mid-morning brunch complete with an oatmeal & toppings bar. Natalie loves oatmeal… :)

Natalie designed these invitations – she wanted to make the three bears’ cottage with a door and windows that opened. They were simple, but time-consuming – I’m happy we only had to make a handful of them!

You can see all the pieces in the photo above. We started with a simple cottage outline that I traced from a coloring page. She colored it with crayons, then I made color copies of the colored cottage onto card stock. On the white back-side of some printed scrapbooking paper, we printed the graphics and wording that would appear behind the windows and door. I scanned in the cottage outline and used it to make sure everything was in the right spot. The little Goldilocks girls are color copies from a sticker book we have.

After using a craft knife to cut the doors and windows open, we glued the cottages onto the scrapbook paper and cut-off the extra paper around the edges.

All the important party info is on the back of the invitation, written storybook-style by Natalie. For a finishing touch, the envelopes were sealed with a teddy bear sticker. Cute!

More party fun soon! It’s back to checking things off the party-planning list for this Mama Bear.

Have a wonderful autumn weekend!

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