Goldilocks and the Three Bears Party – Activities & Crafts

by Amy on October 12, 2010

Goldilocks party activities and crafts

More party fun! Here are all the activities and crafts that kept the kids busy, busy, busy during our Goldilocks party. Enjoy!

Goody Bags

We printed the kids’ names and cute cottage graphics on lunch bags for the guests to put their crafts in during the party. We also tucked a little bag of gummy bears inside for a treat! {The cottages are from a font – Destiny Little Houses}

Dress the 3 Bears

I cut out paper-chain-style bears, along with shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses cut from my stash of scrapbooking paper. The kids really enjoyed choosing outfits for their bears and drawing little faces. So cute!

Glow-in-the-Dark Necklaces

This was a simple last-minute addition – glow-in-the-dark pony beads and elastic cord.  I pre-cut the elastic cord to necklace length and tied a bead on the end of each piece for easy stringing.

Can You Find Goldilocks?

I made paper Goldilocks in ten different colors and hid them all around the yard. I printed out simple color checklists and the kids had a blast running around the yard looking for Goldilocks. For easier writing I stapled each checklist to a piece of stiff cardboard. This was a great activity to keep the kids busy while I set-up dessert!

Musical Chairs (with a twist…)

The only game we played was one part musical chairs, one part cake walk. We did not remove any chairs as in traditional musical chairs. I put a different chair graphic on each chair (a nod to Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear’s different chairs). While the music was playing, the kids walked around the chairs and when the music stopped they sat down.

I picked 3 or 4 winners each round, using a smaller set of the same chair graphics (all from Microsoft Word clip art). What were the prizes? Why, the pieces to make Baby Bear’s bed, of course!

Baby Bear’s Bed

When the kids arrived at the party, we had little wood beds ready for painting. We used watercolors, which turned out lovely and dried quickly.

During our musical chairs game, everyone played until they won three things for Baby Bear’s bed – a mattress, a pillow, and a blanket.

When we finished our game, all we needed were the Baby Bears to put in our little beds.  But, oh no!  The bears were missing! Luckily, there was a note left behind.

The kids loved following the trail of clues – letters from Goldilocks, actually. They finally found a basket full of little bears and Goldilocks herself!

Natalie knew about the bears, but she didn’t know about Goldilocks, so that was an extra-nice surprise. I could not find a Goldilocks doll, so I got a blonde Groovy Girl and sewed her a very simple yellow felt dress and apron.

Everyone was excited to tuck Baby Bear into a tiny bed. These were definitely the hit of the party!

I think a little bed playset like this would be a great gift for Christmas. Any little stuffed animal or doll would fit perfectly. Tomorrow I’ll share all the details of how we made these – they are super-simple!

Did you miss the first post about our Goldilocks and the Three Bears party?

Thanks for letting me share all our party fun!

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