Teacup Bird Feeders

by Amy on January 20, 2011

teacup bird feeders

We had a great time making teacup bird feeders for Christmas gifts. I bookmarked the tutorial (@Cap Creations) last spring and I’m very happy we finally got around to making them!

The girls had a great time choosing cups and saucers at the thrift store. We ended up with some matched sets and some we paired together ourselves.

The girls also did the sanding to rough-up the surfaces.  Dad was in charge of the gluing, as well as getting the copper pipes and fittings.

I printed a little message on some paper lunch bags and the girls filled them about half-full with bird seed. We stapled the bags shut, then wrapped them with yarn. My contribution was a little felt robin for each package.

We’ll be looking for a nice spot in our front yard to put our feeder, since I’m sure our dog would think it was a cup of treats just for her! If you wanted to skip the copper pipe part, you could set your teacup bird feeder on a sturdy stump or flat rock instead.

This was definitely a fun family project! I think these would make wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day or end-of-the-year teacher gifts. The full teacup bird feeder tutorial (with tons of step-by-step photos) is over at Cap Creations.

Happy bird-watching!

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