Magnetic Menu

by Amy on July 5, 2011

Both of my girls love to play restaurant, which usually involves creating some sort of menu. Sometimes we draw menus, sometimes we cut and paste pictures from grocery ads and magazines. We also have a collection of kids’ menus from restaurants we’ve been to.

I decided to give them another option for menu creating by printing out different food items on printable magnet sheets.

We have two small magnet boards to use, but you could just as easily use a small cookie sheet or even the fridge. For the menu items I used clip art from Microsoft Word and tried to choose foods that matched our play food collection.

The magnets are thin, but they seem to be holding up well. Fun and easy — and it gets used all the time.

Off to play with my chefs and servers!

{Originally published June, 2008. Our magnets are still being used and holding up great!}

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