Toy Story Party!

by Amy on August 7, 2011

Toy Story Birthday Party

Delaney and her friends had a super-fun time at her Toy Story party. I finally had some time to sort through all the photos I took so I can share some of our party fun with you. Enjoy!


We kept the decorations pretty simple. Delaney made a banner with construction paper and Toy Story coloring pages.

We hung giant punch balloons over the dining room table, which looked amazing! And, of course, Delaney’s various Toy Story toys were scattered around the house.


I made some Etch-a-Sketch labels for the food and the girls and I had a great time coming up with Toy Story names for everything! We had a pack of Toy Story chipboard accents from the scrapbooking store to add a little pizzazz, too. Here’s what the kiddos ate:

  • Pizza Planet Mini Pizzas
  • To Infinity and Beyond Fruit Rockets
  • Slinky Dog Curly Fries
  • Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Smiles (happy face fries)
  • Ooohhh….Mystic Portal Popcorn (french fry box pattern)
  • Woody’s Best Water in the West
  • Jessie’s Jumpin’ Juice


I showed Delaney the make-your-own Mr. Potato Head cupcakes idea from How Does She… and she was sold on having those for dessert. The kids had a blast making their faces and it was a super-simple dessert for me to prepare. We did vanilla/vanilla cupcakes and laid them on their sides with blue foam “shoes”.

For the candy faces, we used:

  • Eyes – candy eyes made by Wilton
  • Nose – choice of Gorilla Munch cereal or small orange fruit slice
  • Ears – small red fruit slices
  • Mouth – red and pink gummy Life Savers (whole & cut in half)
  • Mustache + eyebrows – Chocolate Twizzlers
  • Hat – choice of Rolo or mini Peanut Butter Cup

Photo Booth

The kids absolutely loved the Toy Story photo booth! Thanks to the party photos at Catch My Party and three pugs & a baby for inspiration.

I made most of the props from double layers of colored cardstock, attached to sticks with packing tape. Our props included:

  • Foam cowboy hat
  • Woody’s vest + sheriff badge (homemade)
  • Mr. Potato Head nose & mustache
  • Mrs. Potato Head lips
  • Alien eyes
  • Bo Peep bonnet
  • Buzz Lightyear helmet
  • Etch-a-Sketch frame (photo mat painted red with white lids for the handles)
  • Speech bubbles: To infinity and beyond!, There’s a snake in my boot!, and Yee-Haw!
  • Cloud fabric background

I kept the photo booth “closed” for part of the party, otherwise I would have been taking the kids’ photos the entire time. So much fun! We’re planning to print the best photos to include in the thank-you notes.


I’ll share the rest of our Toy Story activities and games in a separate post soon!

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