Leap Day Obstacle Course

by Amy on February 27, 2012

jumping obstacle course

Burn off some energy this Leap Day with a jumping, hopping, leaping obstacle course.

I’m sure your kids can think of many different ways to move by jumping. Here are the ones we thought of, to get you started:

Play hopscotch. Draw with chalk outside, or make with masking tape inside.

Try a long jump. Tape a measuring tape along the jumping area (or mark measurements with chalk) so you can see how far you jumped.

Jump as high as you can.

Hop on one foot. How many times can you hop on each foot?

Jump rope

Do some frog jumps.

Run and leap over a stick, broom, pool noodle, etc.

Hop like a bunny around cones or other obstacles.

Jump in and out of a hula hoop.

Lay pillows or couch cushions on the floor and jump from cushion to cushion.

Jump off something, like a tree stump, small stool, or sidewalk curb.

P.S. Have you ever taken photos of your kids jumping? It’s a lot of fun and the outtakes are great for a laugh.

Have any jumping activities to add? Have anything fun planned for Leap Day this week?

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