Morning Activities: Start the day with play!

by Amy on June 20, 2012

morning play activities for kids

I’m over at Simple Kids today, sharing one of the ways I purposely add play opportunities to our day. Here’s a peek:

Whats the mood like in your house in the morning? My girls happen to wake up early most days, ready to go. I, however, am not nearly as perky as they are. Im not big on plopping kids in front of the TV first thing in the morning (at least not every day), so I needed an alternative for my bright-eyed and bushy-tailed girls.

When my girls were preschool age, I started setting out an art, exploration, or play activity at night before I went to bed. I chose very simple activities that the girls could play with independently, often using toys that had been tucked away or art supplies we hadnt used in a while. The set-up time was always under 5 minutes.

Continue reading at Simple Kids for lots of morning play idea starters!

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