Hanging Spider Treat Pockets

by Amy on October 4, 2012

Paper plate spider treat pocket craft

Create a simple spider pocket to hang on a doorknob or hook – it’s the perfect place to stash a few surprises or treats for your child!


• Paper plate – cut in half, holes punched around the edge
• Paint – any color; we used purple with black glitter mixed in
• Paper legs – I pre-cut ours; your kiddos could also cut their own or do accordion-folded legs
• Glue stick or white glue
• Googly eyes
• Yarn or ribbon – for lacing & hanging; pipe cleaners make good hangers too.
• Crayon or marker – for drawing a mouth

Paint both paper plate halves (bottom side) and let dry. Glue eight legs to the inside of one plate. Don’t cover up your punched holes!

Put your plates together, painted sides out. Cut a piece of yarn or ribbon long enough to lace with and use as a hanger. Tie a knot in the first hole, lace all the way around, then tie off where you started, leaving a length of yarn for hanging.

Next, add googly eyes and a silly or scary mouth. Now hang it up and wait for treats!

My girls love to hang these on their doors and wait for little surprises to appear – candy, stickers, and little notes make it fun.

Happy crafting!

{Originally posted on Blissfully Domestic, October 2008}


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