Happy Thanksgiving!

by Amy on November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving writing invitation with paper leaves | Let's Explore

Hello! How are you? Are you hustling and bustling this week, or having some downtime? We are lucky enough to be taking the downtime route, along with a sprinkling of tidying, project-making, and wish-list writing. Tomorrow, we get to share a delicious meal and visit with family and the girls are quite excited for the festivities.

With an extra focus on gratitude this month, I put a simple writing invitation basket on our dining table a few weeks ago. The basket held paper leaves, black pens, and tape for displaying the leaves on our pantry cabinets.

The girls enjoyed writing on leaves from time to time throughout the month. Once they got all the basics out of the way (family, food, home), they began adding things like shoes, pet fish, and worms. I think I love reading those little gratitudes even more than the biggies.

We also pulled out the salad spinner and played with paper leaves and paint. This was an activity that we hadn’t visited in quite a long time and the girls were really into it – such a good reminder that kids love doing their favorite activities over and over again. (Marble painting is making a come-back soon, too!)

I think I watered-down our paint too much, and the colors didn’t show up very well on the colored paper, but we had lots of fun dripping and spinning.

One last thing – here’s a fun Thanksgiving poem to share with your kids. I made a printable version for you – just print and let the kiddos illustrate. This one’s short enough for kids to practice and perform for the family, if your kids are into that sort of thing. They could even make-up hand motions to go with it!

–> Download and print Thanksgiving Poem.

Wishing you some quiet moments of thankful reflection, and some good hugs and laughs with those you love. Happy Thanksgiving!




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