Glittery Initial Ornaments

by Amy on December 11, 2012

Super-Simple Glittery Initial Ornaments | Let's Explore

My girls love making ornaments, especially when glitter is involved! We enjoyed making these super-simple glittery initial ornaments for ourselves, and to tie on packages for friends and cousins.

  • Wood letters, or letters cut from cardboard (such as cereal/cracker boxes)
  • Glue
  • Glitter!

Before adding the glitter, paint your letters if you like we just left ours plain wood. Cover the letters with a generous amount of glue. We squeezed on the glue, then spread it all around with a paintbrush.

Here comes the fun part shake or sprinkle on lots and lots of glitter. Make sure the whole surface is covered!

Let dry thoroughly, then shake off the extra glitter. Hot glue a ribbon on the back for hanging, and add this beautiful ornament to your tree or gift. We love a little sparkle on our Christmas tree!

Happy crafting!

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