Watercolor Jellyfish Painting

by Amy on January 14, 2013

Watercolor Jellyfish Painting | Let's Explore

During a recent science exploration, the girls and I were learning about Cnidaria, the animal group that includes anemones, coral, and sea jellies. After reading a few books, watching some videos, and filling our brains with fascinating facts, an art project was in order!

We decided to try ajellyfish painting project found atFor the Love of Art. All you need are liquid watercolors or watered-down tempera paint, paper, and brushes to create some color jellyfish.

Start by painting a half circle on your paper, using enough paint to make it wet and drippy. Then, dip your brush in water and add more water to the bottom of the half-circle.

Now, stand the paper up and give it a few taps on the table to get the paint rolling down. Be sure you have a piece of newspaper or scratch paper on the table to catch your drips. Continue adding jellyfish one at a time to your painting.

Finish off your painting with some colorful splatters – I recommend having a good amount of scratch paper underneath while you splatter!

We had such fun making these colorful jellyfish that we ended up with a huge pile of paintings. The girls have continued to experiment with this dripping technique in other paintings, too – it’s a fun process!

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