Spring Audio Books for Kids

by Amy on April 14, 2013

Spring Audio Books for Kids | Let's Explore

{List updated April 2013}

We love listening to audio books, especially in the car. Luckily, our library has a pretty good selection of picture book/CD sets and audio chapter books. I also like purchasing audio stories and making themed audio story playlists for the girls. We can listen to them on our iPod or burn a CD for the car. The stories I choose to buy are usually favorites that we already own in book-form.  That way, we can enjoy the pictures while listening if we choose.

Audible Kids has a bunch of children’s audio books that are only 99¢ each – I’m usually able to find lots of great choices under a dollar, which is awesome!

Here is our Spring Audio Book Playlist – each one is just 99¢!

And, if you’re in the mood for a longer listen, here are a few chapter books that are perfect for spring. Chapter book prices are around $7-$15 – so, a bit pricier, but lots more to listen to!

{One note about the audio books from Audible — you can only burn one CD, but you can put the books on your iPods, listen on your computer, etc.}

Happy Listening!

P.S. Those Audible linkies are affiliate links – just FYI. :)

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