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by Amy on June 18, 2013

Hand-sewing with kids: Sock Monkeys | Let's Explore

The girls recently finished their most difficult hand-sewing project to date – a pair of super-cute and cuddly sock monkeys!

We cut, stuffed, and sewed in short sessions over a couple weeks time. We used the excellent sock monkey tutorial at Craft Passion - I have never sewn anything like this, so I was thankful for detailed instructions with photos.

Sewing a sock monkey with kids

Each sock monkey is made from one pair of socks. Ours were colorful knee-highs found on the clearance rack at Target. If you use knee-highs, like we did, you will need to cut some length from your tail, legs, and arms so they aren’t ridiculously long.

We learned some new stitches (my girls can do a ladder or blind stitch now!), and did some of our own improvising along the way. The hardest parts for the girls were sewing on the eyes and the mouth piece, so I gave extra help with those parts.

Sock monkey sewing project

Also, we did not follow the tutorial for the tail using batting – we just took our time stuffing that long tail with little pieces of batting. Worked fine for us, with the help of the eraser-side of a pencil for gentle pushing.

The girls are so proud of their finished sock monkeys, as they should be! Next on their sewing agenda is some time on the sewing machine making a few sets of stuffed animal clothes. We’ll be using the Stuffed Animal Jammies pattern at It’s Always August and the Stuffed Animal Shorts pattern at The Tulip Patch.

More sewing fun for kids:

If you sew with or for your kids, I’d love to hear about the projects you’re working on!


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