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{Writing Poetry} Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

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I love the changing of the seasons, and autumn is my favorite. I’m ready for cool mornings with hot drinks, collecting colorful leaves on our walks, and tromping through the pumpkin patch with my kids. To celebrate the first day of autumn, we wrote poems about all the summery things we’ll be saying goodbye to, […]

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Creative Writing Project :: Letters to Santa from the Naughty List

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{This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this site!} My girls adore reading and writing fractured fairytales. Here’s a simple Christmas-time creative writing project that we had a lot of fun working on – writing letters to Santa from a character that might be on Santa’s naughty list. These letters are great practice for creating a […]

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Creative Book Reports :: Biography Posters

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{This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this site!} We have some serious catching up to do! There have been first and twelfth birthdays celebrated, big stacks of share-worthy books read, and many interesting projects completed. If the baby-napping gods are kind to me, I’ll be visiting this space more often in the […]

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Math About Me Posters

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We’re slowly easing into another year of homeschooling. I’m having a hard time believing we’re starting our 5th year! One of our back-to-school projects was creating these fun Math About Me posters. The girls loved making them! We started by brainstorming a list of all the things about themselves they could describe using numbers. Then, […]

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Blog Tour: Early Childhood Activities for a Greener Earth

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I have been looking forward to sharing a new book with you, Early Childhood Activities for a Greener Earth by Patty Born Selly. Geared toward the little ones, ages 3 to 8, this book is full of 100 activities for exploring nature and learning about our environment, all in a playful, discovery-centered way. Thanks to […]

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Watercolor Jellyfish Painting

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During a recent science exploration, the girls and I were learning about Cnidaria, the animal group that includes anemones, coral, and sea jellies. After reading a few books, watching some videos, and filling our brains with fascinating facts, an art project was in order! We decided to try a jellyfish painting project found at For the Love […]

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50 States Birthday Party

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Way back in July, Delaney celebrated her 8th birthday with a 50 States Party. A few years ago, The Scrambled States of America became a favorite read-aloud. Since then, Delaney has been fascinated with learning all about the states. So, a 50 states party it was! Decorations I kept the decorations pretty simple. The late […]

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Edible Cells & Poetry Journals

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Edible Plant and Animal Cells Activity The hands-down highlight of this week’s learning activities was the creating (and eating!) of edible animal and plant cells. I saw this project at Se7en’s blog, and knew the girls would love it. Using jello as our cytoplasm, we added various fruits and candies to represent some of the […]

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Math Play :: Measurement

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Long before kids are expected to memorize multiplication facts and formulas, they are learning important math concepts through everyday activities and play. A few tools and open-ended toys, paired with your kiddo’s natural curiosity, are all you need for tons of fun math play activities. So, let’s grab our rulers and measuring cups and start […]

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Homeschool Curriculum 2012/2013

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We just kicked off our fourth year of homeschooling – wow! I’m no longer blogging about our homeschool at Early Bird Homeschool. Trying to separate the learning and playing we do between two blogs was just not working for me. All my homeschooling posts have moved here and are getting settled in! I’m planning to […]

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