Twelve (and three months)

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Natalie is already a quarter-year past her 12th birthday, but I didn’t want to miss bragging on her a bit, and jotting down some things about her at this age. So far, age twelve is pretty darn awesome. It seems like Natalie becomes more confident and sure of herself every day. I can only hope […]

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{This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this site!} Delaney recently celebrated a big milestone – she’s officially in the double-digits now! 10 seems so old to me – really, where does the time go? But, for my girls at least, this age is a lovely bridge between young child and teen. Delaney […]

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Displaying Snapshots

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One of my goals for this year was to get some of our zillions of photos up on the walls where we can enjoy them. My girls, of course, love seeing photos of themselves at different ages. Scrolling through photos on the computer is just not the same! I wanted to be able to display lots […]

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Natalie celebrated her 11th birthday last week. It feels like both just yesterday and so long ago that she made us parents for the first time. She is eager to become more independent and learn new things, while at the same time is in no rush to leave “kid-stuff” behind. She is one smart, creative, […]

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Friday Chit-Chat: Your Kids’ Favorite “Non-Toys”

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Happy Friday! Where has the summer gone? We started back to (home)school this week. I think we were all ready for a little change in routine. If you have school-age kiddos, I hope the transition has been smooth for you, too! With just 6 weeks or so until baby brother arrives (eek!), we’ve been busy […]

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Friday Chit-Chat: Naps and Quiet Time

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Happy Friday! A big thank you to those of you that joined in on the last Friday Chit-Chat. I loved hearing about your newborn essentials – very helpful for my current list-making! We’re just beginning to settle into a more relaxed summer schedule – less structured home school time, more free time for playing, projects, […]

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Friday Chit-Chat: Newborn Needs

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So, hello there! It’s been pretty quiet here on the blog while I napped my way through the beginning of my pregnancy. But, I think I’m getting my writing mojo back! I’ve been wanting to start a weekly Q & A for awhile now – a place where we can chat about all kinds of […]

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How I embrace (and respond to) boredom

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I am not the kind of mom that plans a bunch of things to keep my girls busy and occupied. While I do set-up play and art invitations from time to time, for the most part my girls are masters of their own playtime. They have ample time for unstructured play, which they may spend […]

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Playful Routines :: Bedtime

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This is Part 3 of a series on adding playful elements to daily routines with our kiddos. We’re anchoring playtime to routines, so we can be present as parents and have some fun! To read more of my thoughts on playful routines, check out my posts on getting ready and meal time. We have followed […]

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{Review} The Playful Family Ebook

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As I’m sure you already know, I’m all about finding little ways to sneak play into our day to day life. From random celebrations to homemade toys to silly photo shoots – playful family life does not have to be complicated or expensive. That’s why I love Shawn’s (of Awesomely Awake) ebook, The Playful Family. […]

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