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We’re headed into our fifth year of homeschooling – wow! I was reminding the girls that on our first day of homeschooling, when they were Kinder and 1st grade, we started school at 7:30 in the morning because they just couldn’t wait any longer! We don’t get going quite that early in the morning anymore, but we’re still loving learning together at home every day.

Here’s our big list of curriculum and resources for this school year. We certainly don’t use all of these things every day, or even every week. We also spend a good deal of time exploring the girls’ ever-changing interests, so who knows where this year will take us!

Math and Literacy

Delaney (age 9, fourth grade)

Natalie (age 10/11, fifth grade)

Both Girls

  • Reading Detective – A1 - Girls loved this program last year, so we’re using it again!
  • Copy work for handwriting practice
  • Reading fiction & nonfiction – I let the girls choose what to read, although I keep a running list of ideas and make lots of recommendations. This year, we’re also trying out a reading list by genre, so the girls branch out from fantasy books just a bit!
  • Poetry – reading & writing
  • Journal writing – Focusing on art journaling this year especially
  • Real-life writing: letters, lists, signs, etc.
  • Writing projects of their choice – stories, family newspaper, joke books, etc.


As of now, I’m not using a specific science curriculum. We’ll be starting the year focusing on the scientific method with simple experiments. Then, we’ll spend some time on a variety of topics that the girls are interested in, including magnets, electricity, animal adaptations, and weather. I think we’ll try to do at least one science-fair type project this year, too.

I’m using these books, along with free resources from the web, for science experiment ideas:


Nature journals, outdoor photography
Exploring personal interests
Lots of nonfiction books, field guides, etc.

History and Geography

We ended last year learning about Colonial America, so we’ll continue our study of U.S. history this year, beginning with the American Revolution. We’re going to try Joy Hakim’s A History of US, beginning with Book 3. I also picked up the Student Study Guide that goes with Book 3, so we’ll give that a try, too.

We’ll be reading lots of picture and chapter books about this time period as well. I’ll be sharing their reading list soon! The girls love doing projects, so I’m thinking we’ll end our American Revolution study by creating a newspaper, ABC book, short movie, or something along those lines.


Reading biographies
Map skills activities and Daily Geography workbooks

We are using our weekly checklist system again this year, since it continues to be a good fit for all of us.

Hope your school year is off to a great start!

–> Interested in checking out curriculum and resources we used in past years? Here are the links!

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1 brandi May 24, 2014 at 12:19 am

this is so awesome and I would love to stay updated. I currently home school. We use an online program but supplement our own things so it’s not all on computer. I’d like to go out on my own but I’m a little scared to do that just yet lol .Thanks for the info!


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