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Edible Cells & Poetry Journals

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Edible Plant and Animal Cells Activity The hands-down highlight of this week’s learning activities was the creating (and eating!) of edible animal and plant cells. I saw this project at Se7en’s blog, and knew the girls would love it. Using jello as our cytoplasm, we added various fruits and candies to represent some of the […]

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Tool Sort

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One of the (many) science topics we explored during our homeschool year was simple machines. Delaney is especially interested in machines, tools, and inventions, so this was right up her alley. We did a tool sort activity that the girls really loved, so I thought maybe your kiddos would enjoy it, too! First, hunt around […]

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Glow Stick Experiment

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I found a few glow sticks rattling around one of our kitchen drawers – leftover from party goody bags, maybe? Anyway, I spent a little time surfing the ‘net for interesting things to do with glow sticks and came across a fun (and simple!) demonstration at Steve Spangler Science. The basic idea of the experiment […]

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Science Play: Simple Experiments

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{Color Changing Milk – Steve Spangler Science} We always seem to have a lot of science play going on – experimenting, making concoctions, building inventions, exploring outside, etc.  In addition, our homeschooling studies this year included learning about the basics of the scientific method – asking a question, making a hypothesis, experimenting, observing, and discussing […]

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